Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Suzhou "Single Window" Construction of Trade Facilitation


  • SHI Rong, ZHAO Ying


At present, under the background of the increasing tide of "anti-globalization" and China's open economy of higher standards, it is of great practical significance for Suzhou to promote the construction of "single window" of trade facilitation. Therefore, based on the current situation of promoting the construction of "single window" for trade facilitation, this paper concludes that there are some problems, such as business coverage is limited, system functions are imperfect; information interconnection and intercommunication should be strengthened; the overflow function of "single window" is insufficient, the recognition degree need to be improved; the cross regional construction lags behind, and the integration of customs clearance in the Yangtze River Delta has not yet been realized. Furthermore, the article puts forward three countermeasures and suggestions, including clarifying the functional orientation of the construction of "single window" with local characteristics in Suzhou; providing intelligent and integrated value-added services in combination with industrial chain extension and supply chain process; and promoting the "interconnection" of Yangtze River Delta and actively seeking for complementary and docking resources.