Empirical Study on the Evaluation of the Transformation of China's Foreign Trade Development Mode under Dual Perspectives


  • WANG Aiqing


By analyzing the current studies about the transformation of foreign trade development mode, we find that the researches involving the change of necessity of foreign trade pattern ,the evaluation of the result , the way of the transformation and the power of it ,but there exist some problems which focus on the unreasonable index systems and empirical method . Therefore, The paper constructs two equations from the two angles such as trade process and trade outcome based on the analysis of connotation of foreign trade patterns. And then the author use the method named Sharp value decomposition to evaluate the effects of each factors on the trade patterns transformation from the level of trade process and result. The results show that the effect of the scale factor is the biggest in our scale of foreign trade development, the contribution of the technical factors need to be improved, and there is poor coordination between the domestic economy and the technology of the export sector. On the view of the trade result, the growth of the effect of price is the highest, and then is the quantity; the effect of species has a large decline. This indicates the quality of our product has been improving, but the degree of innovation needs to be improved. Hence, our transformation of foreign trade development mode has a certain degree of improvement, but still needs efforts. Our next step should be improving the technical coordination between the export sector and the other sectors, as well as the innovation ability of enterprise.