Research on China Cross-border E-commerce Development Strategy under the Background of Trade Facilitation


  • LIU Xiang, LU Shu


Trade facilitation; Cross-border E-commerce; Development Strategy


The main purpose of trade facilitation is to simplify trade processes, reduce trade costs, and improve policy transparency. Affected by the global financial crisis, global market demand is insufficient, and China's foreign trade growth is weak, while cross-border e-commerce is thriving, showing a gratifying growth trend. The qualitative and quantitative leap of cross-border e-commerce is inseparable from the macro-environmental support and influence of my country's social development. Chinese government departments should actively participate in relevant meetings and project negotiations of international organizations, establish friendly exchanges and cooperative relations with other countries, and achieve tax incentives and credit Negotiation and coordination mechanisms for system construction cooperation, data security, cybercrime, etc., to seek more convenient and efficient border management